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Arrow Tip #35: You Always Have A Choice

I used to hate this cliche......because there had been so many instances along my path where I felt I didn't have a choice. In fact, in my mind, I was affected by OTHER people's choices. That's a horrible feeling. Seriously, when somebody "wronged" me how could that be my choice? When someone put me in an unwanted position by THEIR choice, what was I supposed to do? But, when you REALLY get down to's true...we ALWAYS have a choice. Because in EVERY circumstance we have the following choices:

  1. We choose how we react.

  2. We choose our attitudes.

  3. We choose what state of mind we will be in.

  4. We choose how long we will stay in that state of mind.

  5. We choose whether we get stuck or grow.

All of the above are choices we have no matter what. The problem is we want to make other people responsible for how we feel. This is a never-ending battle because there will always be people and scenarios that dictate outcomes and circumstances that we might not choose ourselves. We live in a world TOGETHER with people who have different viewpoints, beliefs, and opinions. We encounter events in life where we may feel a choice was made for us and we had no say in the matter. And THAT'S where people tend to say "Well, I had no choice."

There have been a good number of times in life when I felt like I really didn't have a choice. But looking back I see that I did have more of a choice than I originally thought. Granted, it might have been choosing "the lesser of two evils"....or being "forced" into a position to choose a path that was more difficult than I would have preferred. But still, it was a choice. When I think back to some of those things I felt were "forced" upon me....they ended up being areas of growth because rather than wallowing in them, I made a CHOICE to learn something from them and better myself.

If you feel like you're in a position where you "have no choice" in the matter, re-evaluate that and see if it's really true. Sometimes there is a's just not the one you WANT to make. If you feel you're "forced" into a position by someone or something, then make a choice as to how you're going to see it. What attitude are you going to respond with, and what state of mind will you choose to dwell in? Don't give your power away because of some circumstance you feel you had no choice in. There's always some benefit to every situation if you CHOOSE to find it. If you have to go through heartache, pain, or any kind of least ensure it counts for something by choosing to find some value in it.

In the end, the FINAL choice is yours.



  1. When faced with a situation you feel you have no choice in, re-evaluate and see if there IS actually a choice to be made and make what you feel is the best choice under the circumstances.

  2. If it's something you truly feel is out of your control, make a choice about how you will react, think, feel, and what state of mind you will dwell in.

  3. Whatever comes your way....CHOOSE to learn and grow. Make sure to use that situation to your benefit.



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