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Arrow Tip #61: Upgrade Your Software

The other day I ran across one of my old laptops. I opened it up and found a document I wanted to email to myself. The problem was, because I was running an old software program, I couldn't do it until I upgraded to the latest available version. I remember how great that computer was when I got it. It worked so well and did everything I needed it to. I was so grateful to have it. Now, because things have changed, it doesn't work so well in today's world.

This is the perfect analogy for how we can view ourselves and how we operate in our lives. There's this fine line between being content, grateful, and accepting of ourselves but also realizing that what worked in the past might not be working so well anymore. Things change. The question is, will we change?

I love who I am in my life. I'm proud of the things I've accomplished. At the same time, I can see a better version of myself that's available for me to upgrade to. There are areas that I would love to get better results in. Navigate more efficiently. Run more smoothly. It's a never-ending journey. I always want to strive to be better, do better, and live better. If there are areas in my life I want to improve, then I need to take the steps and upgrade to a higher version. The old, outdated one, while it might be acceptable, isn't going to run as smoothly and efficiently as the new and improved version. And just like our technology, as we advance, there will always be more upgrades available.

What outdated systems are you running today? What "bug fixes" are available to you now if you would just choose to upgrade yourself? Depending on the upgrade, it might take longer to install this new system, but it starts with the choice, followed by action to do so. Some new programs can be installed quickly, while others might take more time depending on how many changes are involved. The point is new programs are available to you even now, but you have to take the steps to install them.

Some programs you're running might be totally dysfunctional and wreaking havoc, others might be perfectly adequate, but an improved version would bring more benefit. You can upgrade your programming to whatever you want once you realize it's available to you. And it's available the moment you find yourself wishing for something better or different. You don't need to know every detail of how this new program will run; all you have to do is realize things can be improved and then take the next right step in that direction. Then follow that step with another right step. (See Arrow Tip #14)

When I couldn't email that document on the old, outdated software, I didn't get mad or complain or sit there and wonder why things weren't working. It was what it takes to change this system so you can get the results you want. Pretty straightforward to me.

Staying the same person year after year, handling things in the same way decade after decade, situation after situation, and wondering why things aren't getting any better is like finding an old computer and expecting it to do the job the way you want it to. What used to work well doesn't work anymore. When the world changes, and your life changes, and you become aware that there are better things available for your use, then you have to do what it takes to upgrade the software of your mind.

Every now and then, my current laptop will alert me that a new version is available. When I see that, I don't ignore it for months on end. I don't blame the program or get angry that things need to be updated. I'm not wasting precious time wondering why things aren't working as well when it's pretty clear. I don't expect someone else to take care of the issue for me. I take responsibility as the person who can actually install the new version, and I do it. What version are you running today...and will you upgrade to a better one?



1. Evaluate the current version of yourself and notice where you can improve things.

2. Decide that you will become a new version of yourself in the intended area.

3. Create a vision of this better version of yourself. (See Arrow Tip #25 for help with this.)

4. Be persistent in your pursuit of this new version.

5. Think from the mindset of the upgraded version.

6. Take action as if you are already the new version of yourself.

7. Do this until these thoughts and actions have become habits and have been fully installed in your life.




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