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Arrow Tip #25: Become A New Version of YOU

Who are you currently? Who do you want to be? What do you want to have? What do you want to do? If there's an area of your life you want to change, these are the questions to ask yourself. In order to do or have something different then you have to BE something different first. This means creating a new version of yourself in relation to what you want.

Do you want to lose weight? Then you must create the version of yourself who looks and feels the way you want to look and feel. Do you want better health? Then you must create a version of yourself who is enjoying better health. Since I work with many people who want to improve their health and wellness, I use these as examples. But you can apply this to anything you want....whether it's a specific thing like a better job or something general like more harmony and peace in your life. Regardless of what it is, it should start with creating the new version of you who IS or HAS what you desire to be or have.

You are creating something new for yourself, so like all new inventions or updated versions, this first starts with an idea in the mind. Once you know what you want, next create the new version by asking yourself the following questions:

~What does this new version of me look like?

~What would I be doing?

~Where would I be going?

~How would I be viewing the world?

~What would I be saying.....not only to others but more importantly to myself?

~How would I be responding to my world?

~Who would I be hanging out with?

~And the number one question: How would I FEEL?

Once you know the answers to these questions, you now have your prototype. This is the new version of you. Like any prototype, this only exists in your mind (internally) and on paper right now. In order to externalize this, you must start to embody this new version. That means thinking and feeling the way the new you would. When you can start thinking and feeling this way in your mind, then you'll naturally start doing things differently. You will respond to people and situations in a better way. You will make different choices. You will take new actions. You will speak and behave in better ways. All this happens as you embody this new version of you!

How do you embody a prototype? By using all the other tools I've given you in other Arrow Tips. (Go back and read the Action Steps from all the previous tips if you've forgotten.) You start by paying attention to what you're thinking and if it doesn't align with the new version then you'll have to change your thoughts into better thoughts that do. You have to let go of the "stories" that are associated with the old version of you. Use mental rehearsal to create new thought patterns from the mindset of the new version. Do whatever it takes to FEEL how you would feel as this new person.

We live in a world of technology and advancement. We're used to getting new and improved versions of EVERYTHING.....phones, cars, you name it. All of these things start as ideas in someone's mind. You have to do the same thing for yourself. Become a better version of you. Become a healthier, happier, calmer version of you. Become the version of yourself that has exactly what you want. Live the life you dream of NOW.


We pretty much all want the same thing in be HAPPY...not only in the moment but in general. What makes each of us happy is different. Figure out what you want and then create the version of yourself that has it.... in your mind first. Then embody that version until it feels natural to you. This takes discipline and awareness. If you're not a very disciplined person then that's a great place to start! Become the version of you who is disciplined and apply all the questions listed above to create that prototype. Then follow the steps to think and feel like a disciplined person would....and you'll naturally be compelled to change your behavior.



  1. Decide what you want.

  2. Create a prototype (using the questions listed above) of the new version of you.

  3. Embody this new version by using all the tools given in other Arrow Tips.

  4. View the world as this new version.

  5. Think, feel and act as if you already are this person.

  6. Watch how things change in your life when you do!



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