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Arrow Tip #44: Practice Makes Progress

We've always been told "practice makes perfect" but I've found that focusing on PROGRESS rather than perfection is a much better mantra! Progress means I can start RIGHT NOW and still be successful in my outcome whether it's perfect or not because my target was to be a little better than I was when I started. Progress equals growth. Progress means moving forward. Progress keeps me motivated.

I created Arrow Tips so people could take baby steps towards mastering their minds. Disrupting patterns and taking control of thoughts and feelings takes practice. There's a reason they're called "tips". Because they're small, incremental steps that when practiced, allow for progress. There's nothing more DEmotivating than feeling like you've failed at your goal. If perfection is your goal then chances are you won't last very long unless you see perfection pretty quickly. BUT when you make progress your daily THAT'S sustainable.

I've spent many years working on my own mindset. I'm not perfect. But I HAVE progressed greatly. When I look back at where I started 20 years ago, 10 years ago, 5 years ago, and even 1 year ago...I see progress at every interval. Sometimes the progress was slow and sometimes I felt like I was on a super-highway. But regardless of the speed, it's been motivating because I knew as long as I was progressing I was moving forward. I was winning.

No matter what your goal is today.....mastering your mind, losing weight, improving your relationships, you name it.....put PROGRESS on the target rather than perfection and watch how much easier it becomes to move forward.



  1. Whatever goal you have, focus on practicing for progress rather than perfection.

  2. Take small, incremental steps daily towards your goal rather than taking on overwhelming, giant actions that are short-lived.

  3. Celebrate your progress rather than waiting for perfection.



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