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Arrow Tip #42: Stop Arguing For Your Limitations

Back in 2012, I had to start building my holistic healthcare practice for the THIRD time from ground zero. The problem was I had no staff, no equipment, no office, no patient base, and absolutely no money or credit to do so. I felt alone, afraid, and powerless. Have you ever wanted something to change but rather than take some steps, instead you find yourself defending all the reasons why you're helpless to do so? That's where I was too.

But somewhere in me was a spark of hope for a better life. One where I could provide for my kids and live the life I wanted to live. It was that spark combined with a desire for change that made me stop arguing for all the ways I felt limited and start fighting for the possibilities. The more I shifted my defense from limitation to potential the more steps I would take in that direction. The more steps I took the more doors that opened. The rest is history. None of those limits stopped me. They were self-imposed limits that I CHOSE to believe in. Even though the limits felt real, and in a sense they were, they still didn't stop me from doing, being, and having what I wanted. But they would have if I'd made fighting to keep them more important than letting them go.

We do this all time and often don't realize it...from big things to the smallest of areas. From why we have to stay in a toxic work environment all the way to why we can't spend an extra 10 minutes per day reading something uplifting. STILL to this day I catch myself fighting for limits when I know deep down, I'm the only one placing these on myself and what's possible. It takes a real AWARENESS to notice because sometimes they're so subtle and sneaky.

Often in talking to people I hear them explain why they can't do something they want to. They justify why situations can't change for them even when they desperately want change! It's interesting how we as humans almost enjoy holding on to our limits.

What limitations are you arguing to keep today? If you want to stay in that space then keep fighting for them. BUT if you want to expand an area of your life and free yourself from whatever's holding you captive, then you're going to have to give up the fight to hold on to them.....even if they seem valid. Moving out of constraint means making the defense of possibilities more important than defending all the ways you're limited.

Many times we don't really want to change. That's why we would rather fight for these limits. It's easier to justify staying stuck when we have "valid" reasons to do so. But just understand that no matter how true you feel the limits's YOU that are placing them and sustaining them.

Choose today to let go of arguing for your limitations and watch how the impossible begins to feel more possible. When something feels possible you'll notice it's not only easier to take the steps you need to but open doors will become visible.



  1. Pay attention to your inner and outer conversations and notice what limits you put on yourself, others, and the situations/conditions in your life.

  2. Watch how you continue to argue and defend these limitations.

  3. If you decide you really want change then make the conscious decision to stop fighting for these limits.

  4. Let go of the limits by no longer entertaining, feeding, and justifying them.

  5. Move your focus to possibility thinking, even if you don't know what to do or how to do it. Simply focus on the idea that change IS POSSIBLE. In time, the path will reveal itself.

  6. If there are steps you can currently take in the direction you want to go, start by taking one step at a time.



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