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Arrow Tip #39: "Note To Self"... My Past Is Irrelevant To My Future

At first glance, some people might argue with this Arrow Tip. Because sometimes it's important to not only know where we've been but also WHO we have been. When used as a reference point it can be helpful. But truth be and of itself, the past is completely irrelevant to the future. In Arrow Tip #38 we learned that the only thing that exists in physical space is the ever-present NOW moment. The NOW is where transformation begins. Linked together these transformative NOW moments become the visible changes of the future. When I realized I didn't need to worry about the past anymore it was life-changing. I stopped giving it power. But even knowing this tip, I find it requires a continuous application.

Have you ever felt like there are certain areas of your life you want to change but they just aren't budging? Or you want to do or be something different, but try as you might you still haven't been able to overcome that hurdle? Honestly, this has always been one of my biggest fears, and in helping other people I find it's a common one. But...after proving it to myself time and time again.....AND seeing other people prove it's what I've found... that just because the past has been one way, has ABSOLUTELY no bearing on what is possible for the future.

I remember when the Dr. Phil show was really big and I heard him say "The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior." I totally bought into that belief. And yea....there's some truth in it because people are creatures of habit. If you don't DISRUPT your habits and replace them with new choices then the habitual programming will keep on running. But guess what Dr. Phil? I don't PREDICT my future.....I CREATE it. Even if it means simply creating a new belief in the NOW moment that says "just because I can't see the results of my new choices, doesn't mean it's not working. Every moment is a new moment. And what has happened up until this moment is irrelevant in its impact on my ability to achieve success in whatever I am working on changing". BOOM.

Don't let your past deter you from having the faith to keep on persevering. Just because things have been a certain way doesn't mean they have to stay that way for you. Commit to a new outcome. Then remain loyal to that commitment no matter how long it takes to see the results. That's the challenging part. Staying committed when you don't see the results YET. Have patience with the process. Be kind to yourself when you lose hope. Then remind yourself with a note to self that "no matter what has happened doesn't mean things can't change so I can have something new and better in the future". Then gently pick yourself up and keep on truckin' until you get your result.

Remember..... although many things can change in an instant.....MOST things change over varying periods of time....nature shows us that. And some things need to reach critical mass before we can really see those changes. I can give you cliche after cliche to get you going....."journey of 1000 miles begins with one step" blah blah blah... But this post is to encourage you today that no matter what problem you're dealing IS subject to change. No matter what it's been or HOW LONG it's been this NOW is IRRELEVANT to your future. Choose a better future by taking any actions that are available to you in the NOW and stop giving power to the past.

You know that phrase "POWER TO THE PEOPLE"? .....well, I've just coined a new one for myself........."POWER TO THE PRESENT!".....make it your new mantra too......(that probably should have been the name of this Arrow Tip...Ah well....)



  1. When you're struggling with a problem that feels like it will never go away, remind yourself that your past is irrelevant to your future. This may take repetition until you embody it. Prove it to yourself by noticing some things that you thought would never change that did.

  2. Make a commitment to a new future.

  3. Stay loyal to this commitment by taking any steps possible to bring about change. If there are none to physically be taken and it's a situation that's out of your hands....then mentally take action by affirming that anything can change regardless of the past.

  4. Be patient and be kind to yourself during this process.



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