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Arrow Tip #19: Examine Your Default Settings

Our minds are like computers. They're very complex. We have numerous programs we're running and these programs cause us to carry out specific actions. Our states of mind are like the settings of the computer. The settings will determine which programs we run. Most of the programs we typically run are operating automatically because the settings are stuck in the default mode. We don't think about them. Sometimes we get out of that mode and decide to override the system with a new setting so we can run a different program. If we don't then it reverts back to the default mode and continues with the same program.

In order to run a different program, you will have to consciously override the current default setting persistently until that becomes the NEW default setting. That takes repetition so new neural pathways can be embedded.....AKA....forming new mental habits.

Beliefs, attitudes, world views, and states of mind...all of these are examples of settings that are embedded into your computer causing you to run specific programs. Some of these are easier to change than others. However, all of them are changeable if you don't like the current results of your programming. I won't say this is easy to do. It can be complicated and have many layers upon layers. But as you begin to examine these settings and make changes, in time you will find that you have gone from point A to point Z and made new default settings that better serve you.


Practical Application: I remember when I used to be in a perpetual state of stress. Most of it came from worry and fear about specific areas of my life. I could pull myself out of these states for a while but I would always revert back to them based on the circumstances of my life. I knew that in order to change my life, I would have to change my mindset first. I began the process of examining my beliefs and thoughts revolving around these specific areas of my life. It didn't happen overnight. But I wanted to become a person who could navigate life in a joyful, peaceful way. I began to consciously take charge of my thoughts and assumptions. I started paying attention to what state of mind I was in. (See previous Arrow Tips for help with this.) If I fell back into my default state of worry then I would do specific things to take me out of that....which was mainly reprogramming my mind with new empowering thoughts....better thoughts. Slowly, over time, with attention and the use of the same tools I'm giving you with each Arrow Tip, I began to form new and better states of mind. These new states became the new default settings. Not only did it make my life more stress-free and joyful, but it also caused my outer circumstances to change which reinforced the new default settings. This created a beneficial cycle for me. Previously, it was a vicious cycle! You must change in your inner world in order to change your outer world.

This doesn't mean that I don't ever get worried or stressed or have fear. It means it's not my predominant state. It's no longer a default setting for me. The new default setting is a place of peace, joy, and inner knowing that things will work out for me. I continue to practice this state of mind by consciously choosing better thoughts and feelings and my default settings make sure I keep running that same program. You can do the same.



  1. Notice the states of mind that you dwell most in, not just overall but also related to specific areas of life that you wish to be different.

  2. Start paying attention to what thoughts and beliefs you have that keep you in that unwanted state of mind.

  3. Change these thoughts to better ones that put you in a better feeling place.

  4. Every time you revert back to the old state of mind, consciously reprogram yourself to get into a new state of mind until this new state becomes the default mode that you consistently return to.



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