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Arrow Tip #15: Don't Be Afraid to "Let Go of Good to Get Great"

Letting go can be hard. We don't like to let go. If it's something we are completely opposed to then it's not so difficult. Good riddance! But when it's kinda good, sometimes good, not so bad, or maybe even mostly good.....then it might feel tough to do. Like the job that pays the bills but you hate it. Or the relationship that didn't quite work out the way you hoped. Sometimes we're forced to let something go because we have no choice in the matter. Other times we may know what we need to do but struggle with actually letting it go. Either way, it can hurt.

Letting go of something we want to hold on to may not only hurt because it feels like a loss but can also feel terrifying. There have been many things I've had to let go of throughout the years. In the past, most times it was incredibly scary on some level because I felt like I was in a free-fall without a parachute. I felt like a boat being tossed at sea without an anchor. Once again we see fear of the unknown wreaking havoc on our thoughts and emotions. (See Arrow Tip #6). We feel safe in clinging.

As I worked on mastering my own mind, I realized that things always came out ok whenever I had to let go of something. Actually, things usually ended up better than before. Looking back I could see that. That's when I remembered a phrase I heard somewhere along my path. "Sometimes you have to let go of good to get great."

I want great things in my life. I want great people, great experiences, great friends, great relationships. Great, great, great. So every time I have to let go of something good.....whether it was forced upon me or a decision I made myself when it would have been easier to hold on, I remind myself that if I want something better....if I want something GREAT, then I'm going to have to let go. It can be hard. It can be scary. It can be painful. But in the end, it will be worth it. I can't continue to complain about something then hope and wish for something to change if I'm not willing to let go of what's not working.

Know this.....something GREAT is coming for you and letting go is the fastest way to get there.


  1. When something is changing or ending and you want to cling to it, remind yourself that it's in our nature to want to hold on but we can't get anything better if we do.

  2. Reprogram your mind by reminding yourself that you have to "let go of good to get great". Make it your mantra. This is your anchor. This is what you want to cling to. And this thought will steady you when you feel like you're falling.



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