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Arrow Tip #11: If You Want Results, Start BEING the Person Who Already Has the Results

Do you have a goal in mind? Do you have a desire you want to achieve? Most of us do. I've found that one way to really maximize your results is to change your state of mind about the goal.

If you can put yourself into the state of mind to already be the person who has that "thing" or IS that "thing", then you will automatically be compelled to take the necessary actions to achieve your goal. This may take some imagination as we talked about in the last Arrow Tip #10

I remember when my life felt incredibly stressful. I was juggling many different things as most working moms do. You know those monitors in the airport that list all the flights taking off? Every time one takes off there are still 20 more listed underneath it. That's how I felt all the time. Each time I would complete one task, I felt like there were still 50 more in line behind it. The list never got smaller no matter how much I accomplished. I wanted more peace in my life. I wanted more calm. I wanted more time to slow down and be present in each moment. One day, as I was driving down the road, just for fun I decided to imagine what it would be like to not be in a rush. Just for kicks, I started repeating to myself "I have all the time in the world." I decided to put myself in the state of mind of a person who actually did have all the time in the world. How would I feel? Calm and relaxed. I was actually just pretending. I still had a list of 50,000 things I still needed to do. But, it felt so good to imagine that I didn't, that I just continued to play my little game with myself every time I felt overwhelmed and busy. Interestingly, as I continued to put myself into the state of "I am a person who is calm, relaxed and present, with all the time in the world", I amazingly found that I was getting things done with plenty of time. Why? Because I started taking the actions that a calm, relaxed person would naturally take. I didn't stress out. I didn't force anything to happen. I just expected that it all would get done and it did because I wasn't wasting excess energy on worry and stress. Because my thoughts were on what I was doing (being present) rather than all the other things on my list still to be done, I was more efficient with my time.

You can apply this to any goal. Want to lose weight? Put yourself into the state of "I am a healthy person." When you BECOME this person in your mind, then you will naturally be inclined to make better food choices and do all the things a healthy person would exercise more and pay attention to their bodies.

You must make your goal a STATE OF BEING in your mind until it becomes your natural state. The state of being is the "I AM _____________." You can fill that blank in with whatever you want. If I said "I AM an avid runner", then I would think the way a runner thinks. I would naturally take all the actions that an avid runner would take. I wouldn't have to convince myself to go running, it would just be a part of what I do every day. At first, this might feel UNFAMILIAR to you. (See Arrow Tip #4 for more information on this idea.) But in a short amount of time, it will feel more natural.

Try this with anything. Decide what you want to have and then BECOME that person in your mind. Think the way that person thinks. Do what that person would do. View the world the way that person would view it. Soon you will find that it's not just true in your mind, it's now true in your physical world.



  1. With your goal in mind, decide what state of being you would need to be in, for you to be in possession of the end result. "I AM __________."

  2. Envision yourself as this person already by feeling what it would feel like in your imagination.

  3. Mentally remind yourself that you already are this person (in your imagination).

  4. Ask yourself "What actions would I need to take if I am _______"?

  5. Ask yourself "How would I think and feel if I am _______"?

  6. Ask yourself "How would I view the world from this new state of being"?

  7. Continue the process.



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