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Arrow Tip #23: Take Your Power Back

Every Arrow Tip has been designed to give you the steps to master your mind. When you master your mind, you become the master of your life. So this week's tip should be self-evident at this point. But I find many times when working with people, it's not.

We give our power away to other people, situations, and circumstances all the time. We allow ourselves to be dragged around as if we have no power over our emotions, reactions, or thinking. In order to apply any of the Arrow Tips and become the master of your mind rather than its slave, you first have to realize that you have ALL the power within you. Stop giving it away to people, situations, and circumstances that are OUTSIDE of you.

All this power is residing in you. You have power over your emotional reactions. Power over your own mental chatter. Power over how you feel. Power over what you think about ALL the time. Power over your behavior. Power over your attitudes. Power over your beliefs. Power over your assumptions. Power over your character. Power over your choices. Power over your habits. Shall I go on....?

How does this loss of power show up in your life? Many, many ways. We might for example find ourselves feeling bad because of something someone said. So now we've allowed another person to dictate how we feel. Or we might find ourselves worrying about a situation, allowing that to impact (and more likely implode) our emotional state until it gets resolved. We might even allow ourselves to behave in an unwanted way while actually desiring to make better choices. These are just a few examples of how we give our power away.

In other Arrow Tips I've given you steps on how to gain some control over different areas of your life but this Arrow Tip is to encourage you to take your power back if you've unknowingly given it away. Don't allow other people to push you into emotional states you don't want to be in. Don't let your mind be hijacked and flown to places you don't want it to go. Don't let your moods be dictated by situations. Don't let your body and behaviors be mindlessly driven. Take charge of these things by DECIDING to take your power back. This decision is a critical first step to becoming the master of your mind, master of your life.



  1. Decide to take your power back.

  2. Notice any area of your life where you may have given your power away. This could be to other people, situations, or even your own body and mind that cause you to act and react in unwanted ways.

  3. Begin to take charge in these areas by using other "Arrow Tip Action Steps" for specific changes.

  4. When you start to feel any unwanted emotion (ex. worry, anxiety, depression, fear, etc.) notice where (or to what) you have given your power to that's now running the show and decide to take it back!



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